Get Your Thing On!

Tinamous Internet of Things Platform Integration.

Get your Photon, Core, Electron and Bluz's projects on easily with the Particle Bot, then it's as simple as:

Particle.publish("status", "beep, beep, beep");
Particle.publish("senml", "{e:[{'n':'CPM','v':'32'}]}");
Internet connected Geiger counter using a Particle Electron over 3G network.

Open Connectivity

As well as an open and documented RESTful API with support for the standard SenML sensor measurement format, Tinamous also supports MQTT to make it really easy to get your Things connected. Just publish a MQTT message:

Topic: /Tinamous/V1/Measurements/Geiger/FieldName, Value:25


User configurable dashboards allow you to focus on what's important for you devices.


Privacy is key to Tinamous. New accounts are private by default. You can add and invite people and add your Things to it, but unless you make the account public, only the users you have invited are able to access your area.

You can make selected devices visible to anybody so you can share your data if you wish.


Core Functionality

Tinamous sensor measurements along with status posts and alerts from devices and members, open connectivity solutions make connecting people and Internet of Things easy.

Sensor measurements are viewable in real-time such as the Geiger counter in the Tinamous office.

Geiger Counter Measurements


Get started easily with Tinamous. Register and connect up-to 25 Devices and 5 Members with a free Tinamous account.
Register a new Tinamous account.

All plans Include:

HTTPS Secured

All accounts have HTTPS encryption by default and are private out of the box, allowing you to decide who sees your data.

API Access

Easy API access is an important part of Tinamous. We want you to connect up everything is sight; consequently, we're providing documented open RESTful APIs as well as MQTT support.

Arduino Friendly

Not all micros support HTTPS, we allow you (should you wish) to use unsecured HTTP and MQTT to send measurements and status posts using an Arduino, no need for SSL or complex authentication when all you need is something simple.

Particle Integration

Easily connect your Photons, Cores and Electrons with the Particle Bot. Connect your Tinamous account to your Particle account and then it's as simple as particle.publish() to get your data into Tinamous.